Privacy Policy

(Where Fit2Relax is used, this means the Directors – Mandy Rawsthorne &/or Rachael-Ann Rawsthorne) What type of information do we collect?


When you sign up to our website we collect the following information?

  •  Name

  •   Mobile Number or Home Number

  •   Email Address

  •   Any “message” you may like to leave us in our “message box”.

    What do we do with this information?

    Once this information is collected it is stored electronically on our secure electronic data base.

    What happens once you subscribe to our website?

    When you subscribe to our website we will send you an email & text message when we have news to share. A new class/event/retreat/experience. You may also be contacted in person by telephone. This is to build a more personal relationship with you, to check you have received the correct information & to ensure we can offer you the correct service.

    What happens if you have technical problems trying to subscribe to our website?

    If you have a problem with subscribing to our website we offer you the service of Fit2Relax manually inputting your information for you. Fit2Relax will gain your written or verbal permission before this manual input can be administered.

    Who has access to this information?

    Mandy Rawsthorne & Rachael-Ann Rawsthorne – Directors of Fit2Relax have access to this information.

    The only other people who may obtain access is an IT technician who may be helping Fit2Relax with any technical problems. This person is not a member of Fit2Relax & may be a different person each time, so no formal name can be offered in this Privacy Policy Notice.

    How is this information accessed?

    To obtain access to this information, a password is required. The password is held by Fit2Relax only. The password may be passed onto the allocated IT technician when IT work is needed to update the website system, following which the password is changed.

    What happens if you unsubscribe from our website?

    If you unsubscribe from our website we are sent an automatic message from our mailing provider. Once every 30 days we log into our mailing list & delete all the people who have unsubscribed.

    Is the information collected shared with anyone else?

    No. We do not share our data base with anyone else. The information collected is for Fit2Relax use only.

    Why do we collect the information collected from the website?

    This information is collected so we can keep you regularly updated with any news that Fit2Relax has to offer. This news may relate to a new class, event, retreat or experience we have on offer. It may also relate to any changes to class times, dates or venues.



How are payments collected through the website?

We have a payment system on our website – Stripe. Stripe will collect your financial information but your financial information is NOT shared with Fit2Relax. Fit2Relax has no access to this information. The only information shared with Fit2Relax via Stripe is your full name, billing address & what you have purchased. If Stripe is not used, payment is collected through internet banking into the Fit2Relax Business Account.


How else does Fit2Relax collect information?

  •   Face-to-Face

  •   Images

  •   Face Book

  •   Face-to-Face / classes / workshops / retreats / events

When we collect information from you in a face-face environment, we collect the following information:-

 Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (Health & Fitness Screening Form) o Name

o FaceBookAddress o SessionType
o MobileNo.
o EmailAddress

o EmergencyContactName o EmergencyContactTel.No. o Doctors Name & Surgery
o Surgery Tel. No.

 This form asks the following questions – You are required to answer YES or NO. On some questions you are also asked to give a short description:-

o Has your doctor ever said that you have a heart condition & that you should only do physical activity recommended by a doctor?

o Do you feel pain in your chest when doing physical activity?

o Have you had pain in your chest during the past month, when you were NOT doing physical activity?

o Do you lose your balance or suffer dizziness or ever lose consciousness?

o Do you have a bone or joint problem that could be made worse by doing physical activity?

o Have you been diagnosed by a doctor or health professional with any of the following medical conditions:-

 Heart Condition  Asthma


 Diabetes Type 1 / Type II  High Blood Pressure
 Stroke

o Do you know of any other reason why you should not do physical activity

 The Screening Form also asks for IMAGE APPROVAL. You are requested to offer your approval to have your picture &/or video used for marketing purposes. If you choose not to want your picture/image/video taken, we will do our very best to acknowledge your request, however, we do not have control over other clients taking images.


Why is this particular information collected?

  •   This information is collected so the instructor can check your level of health, fitness & well-being. This information also informs the instructor of any health related problems so the instructor can adapt the session accordingly where necessary.

  •   This information is present at each face-to-face session so that if you were to have an injury or health problem during the session, medical intervention can be made easier & your notes will be shared with the Health Professional.

    Who else has access to your Screening Form?

  •   The Screening Form will be handed to a Medical Professional in the event of an ambulance or doctor being called to the scene.

  •   The screening form will be handed to a “cover instructor” in the case of Rachael-Ann Rawsthorne or Mandy Rawsthorne not being available to take a particular session.

  •   On completion of the cover class, all documentation is returned to Fit2Relax. Where is it stored?

  •   This information is stored in paper form & stored in a locked cabinet.

  •   This information is scanned into an electronic version & kept in a password protected folder on the


    Image Approval


 All images collected (pictures &/or videos) are stored on a Fit2Relax mobile phone, camera or laptop.


Who can see these images?

  •   The general public

  •   Anyone who is linked to Fit2Relax, Mandy Rawsthorne or Rachael Rawsthorne Face Book account.

  •   Fit2Relax website.

    Face Book

  •   Face book accounts used are Fit2Relax / Fit 2 Relax / Mandy Rawsthorne / Rachael Rawsthorne

  •   The general public has access to any news or images used on the above accounts.

    Why does Fit2Relax use your image?

  •   Your written or verbal agreement is always collected before your image is taken or used.

  •   Your image is used to promote the events/classes/retreats/travel experiences Fit2Relax have on offer.

  •   The intension is to show other potential customers the type of clientele we work with & to promote the events we offer.

    What happens to the paperwork (paper form or scanned form) if you no longer attend a Face-to-Face Session?

 Your stored data will be stored for a maximum of 6 months. If you do not attend a Face-to-Face session or make contact with Fit2Relax for 6 months or more, your paper version will be shredded & the scanned electronic version will be deleted.


Other information collected in paper &/or electronic form

o BookingForms.
o Massage&BeautyScreeningForms o FeedbackForms

What information is required from a booking form?

o A Booking form asks the following information:- o Name

o Address
o TelephoneNo.
o EmailAddress
o FaceBookAddress
o DateofBirth&Age
o Emergencyname&contactno.
o Name of the event your attending / venue


o Dateoftheevent
o BedroomType
o If you are sharing a bedroom, the name of the person you are sharing with o Any special diet requests or needs
o Any special disability needs or assistance that may be needed

Why is a booking form required?

o A booking form confirms the arrangements agreed or needed for your stay at one of our events. How is the booking form stored?

o Paper form in a secure folder &/or electronic form Who has access to the booking form?

o Fit2Relax

o Venueadministrationstaff
How is the booking form destroyed after the event?

o Paperformisshredded

o Electronic form is deleted from our system.
What information is required from a Massage & Beauty Screening form?

o Name

o TreatmentRequested

o Date

o Address

o DateofBirth

o I (print name) .............................................. agree I have no known health concerns or skin conditions which would cause me any problems by having this treatment.

o I am / am not pregnant. I am fit, well & healthy & take full responsibility for having this treatment done.

o Signature

Why is a Massage & Beauty booking form required?

o To inform the therapist of any health concerns or skin conditions – so that the correct treatment or products can be used.

o Thepreventanyirritations
How is the Massage & Beauty booking form stored?


o Paper form in a secure folder &/or electronic form

Who has access to the booking form?

o Fit2Relax

o Beauty&MassageTherapists

How is the booking form destroyed after the event?

o Paperformisshredded
o Electronic form is deleted from our system.

Feedback Forms
What information is required from a Feedback Form?

o Retreat/Event
o Retreat/Event Venue
o What did you enjoy the most?
o What did you enjoy the least?
o Is there anything you would like changed for another time? o Name(optional)
o Date


Why is a Feedback Form required?

o To obtain client feedback to check Fit2Relax are offering a good service. To assess if anything needs to be changed or addressed.

How is the Feedback Form stored?

o Paper form in a secure folder &/or electronic form Who has access to the Feedback Form?

 Fit2Relax

 Client completing the feedback form.

How is the Feedback Form destroyed after the event?

  •   Paper form is shredded

  •   Electronic form is deleted from our system.

    How Fit2Relax communicates with its site visitors

    Fit2Relax communicates with its site visitors via email, text messages, telephone conversations, postal letter & face book.

    The reason for our communication is to:-

  •   Check you have received the correct information.

  •   See if we can support you with any of the other services we offer.

  •   Update you with Fit2Relax news.

  •   Offer promotions




If you wish to withdraw from our communication methods, please inform us verbally by calling the given telephone numbers at the bottom of the policy, or in written form via, email, text or face book messenger.

Gaining Access to your data.

From 25th May 2018 you are able to gain access to the data stored on our website.

Change or update Fit2Relax Privacy Policy.

Fit2Relax reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time, so please review it frequently. Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately upon their posting on the website. If we make material changes to this policy, we will notify you here that it has been updated, so that you are aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we use and/or disclose it.

How can you withdraw your consent?

If you don’t want us to process your data anymore, please contact us at or send us mail to Fit2Relax, 54 Sydney Road, Bexleyheath, Kent, DA6 8HG.



If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, or would like to make contact with Fit2Relax, you can contact us at:- Mandy Rawsthorne – 07870805707 Rachael-Ann Rawsthorne – 07837821487

This document was compiled on 24th May 2018. Version 1.

This document may change from time to time – You are advised to check the wording of this document periodically to check for any amendments.