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Personal Trainer
Rachael Ann Rawsthorne

Are you needing some extra help reaching your goals?

Do you need some guidance with your nutrition & diet schedule?

Are you feeling unfit, and ready to push yourself to make a change?




How the Personal Training Sessions work –

When you sign up for Personal Training you will receive a FREE half hour consultation, to set your goals, nutrition plan & complete all forms. From this consultation I will then take your forms & details away to assess and to construct a program based on your individual needs & goals. You will also receive ongoing support and planning for your nutrition and will be provided with some recourses to guide you through your eating plan.


Personal Training sessions last for 1 hour, either at your home, or in a local park. We work mainly with the PowerWave bag (a weighted Bulgarian bag – very good for weight loss & toning) where a range of different types of workouts can be done, amongst other equipment such as weights, ropes, bands etc.


Depending on your goals, Personal Training is good to start with once a week, for 4-6 weeks as a trail period, and then for the program to change and alter as you go. Around the 6 week mark is when you start to notice changes in your body image, so can then adjust goals from there and work towards something bigger.


Invest in your fitness for £30.00 per hour or a Block booking at a discussed cost.




Areas I can help you with

1. Fat Loss & Toning

2. Motivation & Constant Support

3. Muscle Definition

4. Nutrition

5. Positive Thinking / Mind Set

6. Confidence & self-esteem 


I am a complete fitness enthusiast! I have been teaching classes since the age of 17, and Personal Training since the age of 19. At the age of 18 I set up my own Fitness Company – Fit2Relax Limited – Where we offer different types of Fitness Classes, Retreats & 1-to-1 Sessions. I LOVE what I do and enjoy every minute of it! I am extremely passionate about fitness, but more importantly helping you feel more confident with your own body image again. I would love to help & support you on your journey to reaching your goals!


My Qualifications: Level 2 Gym Instructor, Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training, Level 3 Diploma in GP Referral, Exercise to Music (CYQ), Kettle Bells Instructor, Power Wave Instructor, Aqua Aerobics Instructor, Supple Strength Instructor, Nordic Walking Instructor and Positive EFT Facilitator (Positive Mind-Set).



“To be at the level of fitness I have now reached felt almost impossible when I first started training with Rachael. I was pushed out and beyond my, what I believed to be sweaty, comfort zone to a whole other fitness world.

I expected my desired goals to be out of reach but Rachael helped me break down my long term achievement into periodical steps. I discussed with Rachael what I wanted by body to look like and we identified which muscles I would therefore need to work in order to achieve it. Rachael has not only provided physical exercises to push me to and through my absolute max but has also been a guide in my nutrition. 

Through weekly food diaries I was able to identify areas for improvement and Rachael made things clearer, like the reasons why my body needs protein and what kind of alternative snacks I could have. The best part of Rachael’s guidance is that she completely understands that you can have good and bad days and it’s about gaining a balance so that eating healthily becomes natural and instead of a strict diet.

The training sessions have been tough, there is no doubt, but they have been amazing. I have never felt so invigorated after exercise, nor more proud of myself and never so willing to go back for more! Rachael always gives me the choice of what muscle groups to work. There is no dictation. If I don’t like an exercise or a particular part of the session, Rachael is always more than happy to adapt or change it. She’s there for my needs and goals and that is the absolute best part.

After a few weeks of training with Rachael people actually began to comment on the changes to my body even though I was convinced that there had been no effect. At one of our sessions Rachael took some photographs during some of the exercises and showed me after. The photos gave me the confidence boost I needed and the want for more. Continuing with Rachael will improve my knowledge further of the value of nutrition and the type of things I need to eat to maintain my goal when I reach it as well as give me the push that I can do it.

The burn of sessions and the ache after are two things I’ve grown to love – good pain! Training with Rachael although tough is exactly what I need to reach the body and fitness level I desire. The guidance, advice and expertise of Rachael are hugely motivational and she is brilliant at giving you the confidence in believing you can do it even when you think you’re about to break. I have had and imagine will continue to have, great fun training with Rachael and every session is one step closer to my goal. 

Thank you Rachael”

— Becca

“I love and look forward to my Personal training sessions with Rachael – Ann.  Having already lost 4 stone in weight, my personal training sessions are about body maintenance, toning and a challenge to push myself out of my comfort zone and to try new and more effective ways to exercise.  

Rachael-Ann has advised me on nutrition, shown me the correct way to exercise and has encouraged me to realise I can and will achieve the muscle definition, improved stamina that I want.  I feel so much better and yes!! I look a better shape, look better in my clothes and friends have commented.  I have more energy, confidence & self-esteem and a new positive zest for life.  The sessions aren’t a breeze but with Rachael Ann’s motivation, support and encouragement it’s amazing what you can achieve. 

Personally I find it a treat/indulgence, it’s me time and an investment in my physical and emotional well-being.”

— Jill - Bexleyheath


“When I first met Rachael I was amazed with the knowledge and experience.

For a person of her age. Filling me up with lots of training ideas also knowledge of nutrition what to eat how much and what food groups to eat to help give me energy to train. 

As I had lost all the weight I needed to tone up and change my body shape.

We set personal goals pushing myself out and over my comfort zone.

Changing my thoughts pattern from (can’t do) to you can do anything.

Sometimes I would say oh I’m not doing that next thing I’ve done it yippee.

We kept records of body measurements, food diary, treats and rest days.
Rachael always listening and supporting on the days I struggled as you all know it’s never easy but is a journey on a healthy lifestyle change.

Never knew how much fun a one to one training session could be always changing routine using different equipment working on developing my new body shape.

Pushing me to my limits always (no pain no gain ) weights never used them before now I love to lift weights...

I would recommend anyone thinking of personal training with Rachael, do it as it takes you to new levels in your life.

Changing your body shape
Compliments from other people
Feeling great in your clothes 
Having fun with exercise 
New challenges and friends 

Rachael gave me the confidence and believe I can do any thing . 
Training was hard, sweaty and fun with her motivation love for her job not to mention the confidence she gives you I will continue my journey and body change with Rachael. 

Feel amazing look amazing xx”



-- Julie


500 Terry Francois Street, San Francisco, CA 94158  |  Tel: 123-456-7890

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