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How to find the magic in your life...

Once you learn how to heighten your senses, grow your awareness & become sensitive to energy, you create personal power which takes you on a magical spiritual journey of self-discovery.

Living with awareness..

You live your life from your sub-conscious mind.  Rushing around, not taking notice of how you are reacting or responding to the different people & situations in your everyday life. Your actions are on “auto-pilot” & you never take time to realise how this impacts your own life or the lives of others.


On our Fit2FulFilYou Retreats we offer you time & space to reconnect with yourself.  Surround yourself with the beauty & tranquillity of nature.  You are encouraged to embrace the peacefulness & calmness to help you rest, relax & rejuvenate.


Our passion is supporting you in being truthful & honest with yourself enabling you to reassess & re-evaluate how you are living your life.  We offer you tools & strategies to help you start living the life you desire.


We have a real PASSION for LIFE!!

Our workshops are ALWAYS small groups, to keep the learning more personal & intimate (because we believe you deserve our full attention)

During our workshops we teach you how to become more consciously aware of how you are choosing to live life.  The learning if FUN as well as extremely INTERESTING!

 KNOWLEDGE is a powerful thing!


Mindfulness Retreats enables you to RE-CONNECT with YOURSELF (Your spirit). 

Our retreats are set in nature, embracing calmness, peacefulness & tranquillity – Learning to become very MINDFUL of YOURSELF & how you are choosing to live life.

Learning to become super AWARE of your environment, the words you speak, the people you associate with, the food you eat, your thoughts, feelings & emotions …………. All have an impact on your physical, mental & spiritual health & well-being. 

On becoming super aware of these things, you can start to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilled life.

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Beach Huts
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Palm Trees
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