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Monday’s - 7:15pm – 8:00pm – Bexleyheath Academy 

Classes are paid monthly.

£24.00 for 1 class a week

£48.00 for 2 classes a week

£7.50 pay as you go

What is Bootcamp?

The great thing about Boot Camp is that it can be done outside or indoors (depending on the weather). Each week the class is changed so all the exercises & layouts are varied! This is to offer you new challenges and to keep the session fresh and fun. 

This can change from Circuits to Boxing to Kettle Bells to HIIT etc.

Bootcamp can be challenging, but we always focus on achieving (and having fun in the process!)

Different options are offered to suit your own fitness level, so everyone has the choice to work at their own level, and achieve!! You will be supported by myself and other class members who have similar goals and expectations. We’re one big family!!

I promote a friendly, welcoming, fun environment where all ages and ability levels are welcome!





“Hi I’m Neal I’m 27 and attend Fit 2 Relax Bootcamp, run by Rachael. I started bootcamp in March 2016, and its great I really enjoy going. Just seeing the words “bootcamp” puts a certain image in most people heads which makes everyone think its not for them, well I can say its nothing like what you would imagine its great fun full of nice down to earth people where no one is competing with anyone, it’s a really relaxed group of people of all ages. In Rachael we could not ask for a nicer or more helpful instructor,she will help you with any exercise or find you an alternative if you are not comfortable. Fit 2 Relax has really helped me lose weight and to get fitter.”

— Neal


“I have been training with Rachael for around 8 months now, and I can honestly say it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made. Rachael has tailored my fitness to suit me and what I want from my training, pushing me out of my comfort zone to achieve the desired results which really show. Fitness is something I got into in my late twenties, I enjoyed Zumba and HIIT once or twice a week until I met Rachael who encouraged me to try new classes and my training snowballed from there. I’ve struggled with my weight over the past few years but with Rachael’s help we were able identify bad eating habits and work on a nutrition plan. I am now losing weight and train around 5 times a week in various classes or training in the gym, in addition to Rachael coming to my home where we cover anything from abs, boxing to weights and circuits.

Rachael is not only a great instructor, giving me motivation and advice she believes in me when I don’t even believe in myself, my wellbeing is just as much a priority as my fitness. I never thought I’d be able to reach the level of fitness that I am now in such a short space of time. My journey is on- going and I’ve still a way to go, but Rachael has given me the confidence and belief that it’s achievable.”

— Anna

“Bootcamp is brilliant my fitness level has improved so much, I have been going to Rachael classes for 9 months and it never boring always introducing something new. Whatever your fitness level is you will come away from her class knowing you have had a good workout.”

— Maxine - Sidcup



“I am 45 year old over weight male, who has always been very self conscious, lacked self confidence and didn’t know where to start to do something about it. I looked at all the gyms in the local area, but was put off by the Body vain people that always seemed to be looking at themselves in the mirror. I was recommended Bootcamp by a female friend who had the same thoughts. Apprehensive at first I turned up to be greeted by a fantastic Friendly group of people. All different ages and capabilities. Rachael immediately put me at ease and encouraged me to put in what effort I felt was comfortable so I could work at my own pace. After a few sessions I felt apart of a special team who laughed, joked and encouraged each other to get the most of the session. 

Rachael always makes sure your exercising to your own level and with the best techniques. I cannot recommend boot camp enough, utilising lots of different bits of equipment from ropes to skipping ropes, to weights to body weight exercises. Rachael and her team have a wealth of knowledge of diets, healthy eating and living as well as all the advice to be healthy and fit - a great one stop shop! Over the past few months I have lost weight, regained my fitness and improved my health. Join Boot Camp for a low pressure, fun, energetic and social experience of fitness at its best without the high prices!! ”



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