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We are a mother & daughter duo specialising in supporting you on your journey to live the life you desire.
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We are a mother & daughter duo specialising in supporting you on your journey to live the life you desire. We are health, fitness & well-being experts helping you to develop the body, mind & attitude you require to help you to obtain your desired goal. Our greatest strength is combining our vast knowledge & experience in bringing like-minded people together for classes, 1-day & weekend mini breaks, 10-day wellness holidays & experiences.  Offering retreats in the UK, Sri Lanka & other amazing parts of the world. 


Fit2Relax offers a wide range of different fitness & relaxation style classes for all to enjoy. We work with all ages & abilities and welcome everyone to claim a FREE class by entering your details on this website to come and give it a try!

You can work at your own level in a very safe and friendly environment.

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This book is for the women who have had the privilege and honour to serve their husbands or partners, their children, other family members & work colleagues … but now have the burning desire to serve THEMSELVES!


This is for the woman who wants to write a new chapter in her own life – this time serving herself FIRST and having the courage to follow her heart and explore her own truth. This is for the woman who feels stuck, dead inside and spiritually alone.


This is for the woman who craves to find her REAL self, buried deep down inside. Sometimes you are given the best opportunities in life … but you just don’t see them! You live life day to day completely oblivious of the messages being given to you from the people and the environment around you. It’s easy to concentrate on all the doom & gloom of life … until something happens that makes you STOP! And take a closer look at how you are spending your time on this precious experience called “Life”.


Nothing ever stays still – even the planet moves! – You are always slowly evolving, but the question is, are you evolving in a healthy and refreshing way? Or are you caught up in your old known and familiar habitual patterns? This book weaves together real-life experiences and step by step guidelines in creating a better more fulfilling life. From the humble beginnings of living on a caravan site, to exploring a different community in the middle east, to experiencing life in North America, the deserts of Africa and the frosty peaks of the Himalayas, I have lived my life through the wise words of my parents ‘You can be anything you want’.


If you resonate with any of the above, then this book is for you...

Click HERE to order your very own copy!


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